• Self adhesive push-up bra

    Self adhesive push-up bra

    Will it slip?No! It's highly durable and sticky to prevent any unfortunate nip slips. How many times can I use it?You should get 30+ wears out of the bra. Will it work for me?It is designed for all cup sizes and both light and dark skin tones. It's completely natural, lightweight & removable. How Do I Use it? Remove bra from box Loosen the clip on ties partially. Place bra on your breasts. Pull end of string ties, while pulling up the clip. Enjoy the lift  Size Cup A 70A(32A), 75A(34A), 80A(36A), 70B(32B) B 85A(38A), 75B(34B), 80B(36B), 70C(32C) C 85B(38B), 75C(34C), 80C(36...

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